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Hey Everyone! I have created my own etsy shop! I am branching out from strictly photography and have started creating digital portraits as well as a biweekly budget sheet!
Since getting a full time job during this pandemic I have been trying really hard to be more aware of where my money is going and how i am spending it. I used to just tap tap tap away at my debit and credit card and not even thinking about how much i am spending.  

I have started semi following the dave ramsey method of budgeting. Although i'm not following it exactly as he does it, i am already noticing a HUGE change in how i manage my spending! 

I have watched countless videos of cash envelope stuffings and learning all about sinking funds. I think it's a great way of keep track of your spending. Once you run out of cash in that particular envelope, you are cut off in a way. It really gets you thinking about where you are spending.

I created my own biweekly budget sheet that i am sharing with you guys! I browsed online and etsy to find the perfect budgeting sheet for me but i couldn't find one that suit my needs. SO i created my own! 

I used google sheets to automate the numbers!

When you purchase this item you will receive a link to the google sheets document where i created this biweekly budget sheet! Then you can fill in your income, expenses and more!

This Sheet comes with:
2 income spots
7 expenses slots
3 cash envelope slots
4 sinking funds slots

If you need more than these supplied please message me exactly how many of each you need on Etsy!

The BiWeekly Budget sheet is only $5.99!!